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Real Estate Investment Course

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Property Investor's School CD Set
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Property Investor's School CD Set

This 10 CD set is a live recording of the 2-day event Dolf teaches. It contains over 10 hours of audio learning and an interactive 100 page workbook to be used in conjunction with the audio allowing you to work along with Dolf as he takes you through individual investment processes.

What You will learn from The Property Investor’s School:

  • How to determine where to look for lucrative properties in your territory
  • How to choose a real estate agent to work with
  • How to analyze a property to determine if it's for you
  • How to obtain financing
  • How to make your offer extremely appealing to the seller
  • How to negotiate effectively
  • How to apply for a mortgage with little chance of failing
  • How to borrow more than the purchase price with the bank's approval
  • How to write and present the Proposal for Finance
  • How to massively increase the value of your property without spending much money on it
  • How to manage your property effectively and efficiently
  • Should you flip or hold the property?
  • When should you move to commercial property?
  • Moving into commercial property
  • What to look for in commercial property
  • The differences between commercial and residential property
  • How to read the commercial lease contract
  • How to keep your commercial tenants
  • How to let non-performing commercial tenants move on to make way for paying tenants
  • And more!

  • The Great Real Estate Investment Adventure Course
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    The Great Real Estate Investment Adventure Course

    You will learn:

  • To design and implement a sound investment strategy
  • How to find, negotiate and close on the right investment property for you
  • To legally protect yourself and your investment

  • The manual includes:

  • Legal documents
  • Letter templates
  • Voicemail scripts
  • Sample ads
  • Good Things Start Here !